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The Maestro has started Brewing

Eight weeks into the Covid 19 nightmare and Bruce stands up and brews in the face of adversity so we can get our Burton Bridge beer. 

In the Brickies cellar

The Brickies engine room or cellar is where your take-away beer is poured freshly each day, checked and sent on it way to be enjoyed.

Interview with Bruce Wilkinson

An interview with Bruce Wilkinson head brewer/director of Burton Bridge Brewery, a fun and interesting video.

How to use you 9 pint mini keg

If you are unsure on how to use you mini barrel then I hope this helps, some barrels vary a little but the principle is still the same.

Pub St Giles Fundraiser

Christmas 2019 Charity funraiser featuring "Back Numbers"quartet. brickmakers arms Newton Solney